About The Brand

Our founder is Canadian-American entrepreneur, Jacob Nesbitt. Jacob was raised by missionary parents; and was inspired to spread the message of peace his parents shared around the world through PRINTS OF PEACE.

Raised in Veracruz, Mexico along side family, Jacob had the opportunity to find the meaning of life. Jacob realized sin burdened people and left them with no peace. Over the years he felt a lack of peace and saw others struggling as well. This lasted until Jacob understood that Jesus had given his life to pay for the sins of the world. That was the message his parents gave up their stable jobs for, and now he understood why.

Seeing the impact that message had on him, and others. Jacob started PRINTS OF PEACE to support missionaries spreading the message of peace in the areas he grew up in.

Jacob’s visions for the brand go beyond, and you can be part of the impact. Support PRINTS OF PEACE, and support a message. Spread the message, and officially spread peace through apparel.